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Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, Rituals created an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body. Meant to enrich life using unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers.


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Storemanager (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb 2x voor Rituals gewerkt, zowel in België als in Nederland. Cons: Veel te veel om op te noemen"

Sælger (Former Employee) says

"De burde skamme sig over hvordan de behandler folk i Danmark. De har folk de beskytter uanset hvad de laver, selv hvis de åbner den vigtiste butik i byen 2 timer for sent, på en weekend! Alle andre er i fare for de mindste fejl. Især efter ny AM for Sjæland er kommet på spil fra 2020. Folk liver i frygt, og det burde være næsten ulovligt. Det er så langt fra hvad Rituals gerne vil stå for, de nye chefer kører det bare videre og videre fra det, held ned i bunden, desværre. Cons: Du kommer til at står alene i butikken i mange timer, så glem din frokost pause."

Mitarbeiterin (Former Employee) says

"Sehr schlecht bezahlt und noch mobbing!"

Conseiller de vente (Current Employee) says

"Beaucoup de promesses, très peu d'actes."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nice products although the environment is toxic. No consideration for human being. The only thing that matters is profit."

Assistent shopmanager (Former Employee) says

"Ik had te maken met een recruiter die heel slecht omging met haar sollicitant. Ze deed beloftes wat ze nooit is nagekomen. Tot de dag van vandaag volgt ze het niet op, terwijl we het telefonisch hebben besproken. Ik heb haar hier dus op moeten attenderen, dannog geen opvolging. Ik ben erg teleurgesteld in Rituals! Na het gesprek wilde ik absoluut niet voor zo een bedrijf gaan werken."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The upper management and corporate team has no connection to the store teams. The head of retail and area manager are great friends. That means all their friends get promoted and get brought into roles that they are not qualified for. The President of the US is nowhere to be found and the company has too much communication that is all redundant and ineffective. They do not believe in raises and the turnover rate is by far one of the worst I have ever experienced. The culture is unprofessional and very catty. This is all accepted by upper management as well. They gossip about everyone and make it feel ok for you to do the same. They do not listen to feedback from their teams. If you still choose to give feedback they will retaliate against you if they feel like you are not agreeing with them. If you are having an issue, there is literally no one to turn to because everyone is friends with the other so good luck because they all cover for each other. The company has potential if they got a whole new corporate team."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Rituals seemed like a peaceful place to work for. Inside as an employee, I realized it's the opposite! Cons: Short breaks, no opportunities to growth, filthy break rooms."

Servicekraft (Former Employee) says

"Mit der filialleitung kamen einige klar einige nicht weil die ja ihre Lieblinge hatte die sie bevorzugt behandelte. Keine faire Behandlung. Mit Rituals Standarts hatte man das Gefühl man muss einem Kunden in den a*** kriechen das die zusätzliche käufe machen und man die Kip's erreicht. Und dafür auch noch ein Mindestlohn von 9,50€ wenn man mal paar jahre dabei ist kriegt man vielleicht 10€. Würde ich nur denen raten die a****kriechen können! Cons: Vieles"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic standards for staff. Cons: Long hours, unrealistically strict, unhappy environment"

Vendedora/Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"en esta empresa eres un numero no les importan las personas Cons: no permiten ni un fallo"

Assistant Manager (Full Time) says

"With over 10 years of retail experience, this is hands down the worst company I’ve worked for. Cons: Long hours, rubbish staff discount, horrible company standards, bad communication with HR and headoffice."

Verkäuferin / Kassiererin (Former Employee) says

"Der Chef sollte ein leuchtendes Beispiel sein. Skeptiker, Zyniker und Nörgler, die alles schlecht reden und lieber kritisieren als loben, töten auf Dauer die Motivation. Wenn eh alles schlecht ist, warum sollen sich die Mitarbeiter dann noch den Allerwertesten aufreißen? Cons: Überstunden zum Nulltarif"

Responsable adjointe (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise à éviter. Gros turnover. Cons: heures supplémentaires jamais payé, primes jamais atteintes"

Adjointe (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise merdique. Aucun respect envers les salaries. Soi disant respect de la nature, regardez bien la composition des produits. Jai travaille dans cette entreprise, aucune valorisation des salaries. Salaire tres bas. Pour avoir une evolution il faut vraiment tirer la langue."

Alles (Former Employee) says

"Überhaupt nicht zu empfehlen. Cons: Schlecht bezahlt, Mobbing, schlechte Arbeitszeiten, viel in der Freizeit zum lernen....und vieles mehr"

Verkoopster (Former Employee) says

"Volledig afgebroken geweest op mijn uiterlijk en maatje meer. Cons: Beoordeeld op uiterlijk"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The most disrespectful company towards their employees I ever worked with!"

Conseilére de vente (Former Employee) says

"L'entreprise préfère faire évoluer des candidats de l'extérieur, une pression trop grande, certaines boutiques ne sont pas en normes, trop d'exigences pour des salaires trop bas, mettre les vendeuse dehors pour faire limite du racolage clients, il n'y a aucun avantage pas de tickets restaurants, pas de primes, pas de dotation, RIEN! une communication horrible avec les siège, des commandes bien trop lourdes a porter plusieurs fois par semaine!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Gestión española según amiguismos, pésimo trato al personal y salario muy por debajo del mercado. Buena filosofía de empresa que en la práctica deja bastante que desear. Cons: Todo el resto"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rituals full-time Cons: The recent positive reviews are false. The comments are generic and don't even provide details. This is because they are false. They should at least put in a greater effort so that the false reviews won't appear so obviously bogus. Rituals is a trash company to work for. Believe all the negative reviews."

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for more than a year Cons: There is NOTHINg positive about this company. This entire company is based off of traditions from other parts of the world yet they refuse to use models who are from the traditions they steal. They are constantly being called out for this horrible advertisements(google rituals holli and happy Buddha) and they need to be called out in the US. They are a brand that does not fit in our culture here in the states. Apart from that- - racist and sexist uniform which resembles an Asian servant - salary and pay are below average and are not competitive - same thing with benefits - highest turnover in cosmetic retail(most stores have close to 100% turn around every 6 months) - amazing individuals leaving the company and having shady unethical individuals left in management. - hard to obtain monthly sales gold and expectations are delusional especially for the wages. - Rituals does NOT care about other cultures and races, especially black people. company celebrated a holiday which uses blackface(google zwarte Piet for reference) in a weekly “what’s happening in the company” letter in which they state they were excited for the holiday. I have also witnessed a black colleague get in trouble for having “textured” hair. - company expects entirely too much for the lack of pay and benefits. - not able to have an individual identity due to extremely strict dress code. You are basically forced to wear servant attire with minimal makeup, certain nail color, hair has to be a certain color and style, no braids or look “too” natural as company has issues with black employees having a natural hair style(I am saying this as a white female I have witnessed black employees being scolded for this!) Overall, this is not a company I would ever want to support as far as recommending products nor would recommend to work for. I would recommend working at a drugstore before this because at least you would qualify for some level of benefits. There are little to no pros about working here and the company does not have a place in the stages due to their racist behaviors and tendencies."

Former Employee - Assistant Shop Manager says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for less than a year Cons: were not supportive. unorganized. did not value employees. did not take employees physical or mental health seriously."

Former Employee - Keyholder says

"I worked at Rituals part-time for less than a year Cons: Upper management is completely delusional with their standards and expectations for store associates. They have unreasonable sales goals, treat the staff like they’re worthless, and pay very little compared to what they’re asking of even part time associates. The work environment is suffocating. Comstant rule changes, job position closures as soon as someone leaves so it’s impossible to move up, Constantly being watched and monitored and criticized when you don’t meet their every expectation but they give zero recognition (or raises) for good work. They’re extremely stingy with the benefits they offer, they promise you a certain amount of hours weekly only to change the schedule constantly without notice and you’ll be stuck working 9-15 hours a week if you’re lucky. It’s true that upper management is all friends and don’t hold each other accountable at all yet they live to point fingers at everyone when money isn’t being made. AWFUL company and an even worse US team."

Current Employee - Management says

"I have been working at Rituals full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Zero work life balance, corporate says they care about their retail team but they really just care about making money and not once do they ask how you feel, every conversation I’ve ever had feels in genuine, they hire new people with NO hours to provide yet expect you to be ok coming into work for just 4 through 9 hours a week"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for more than a year Cons: This is one of the worst companies I've ever worked for. They are so disorganized and messy with everything they do. The business is failing and it is a direct reflection of the inexperienced, trash corporate team."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for less than a year Cons: everything. they do not develop their people. it’s all politics and corporate promoting favorites that are completely unqualified. there’s a reason why this market is failing."

Former Employee - Corporate says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for more than a year Cons: Unfortunately, this company is so quickly being completely run to the ground in the United States by upper management. The higher ups havent a single clue what they’re doing, lack legality knowledge, drive away talent, are closed-minded, exhibit favoritism and double standards, and lack consistency; one day you’ll receive clear instruction to do a specific thing and the next be asked “I don’t understand why you’re doing this”, completely bizarre... Not to mention they do not promote accordingly. I havent a clue how anyone is in the position they’re in. And the ones who do work the hardest are not acknowledged and are taken for granted. It’s really unfortunate because this company definitely has potential, but fact of the matter is their central team should acknowledge there is a serious problem in this country and it is by no means being run well. The turnover is abruptly high, for an office of merely 20 people on a constant to have someone resign every few weeks says a lot about the way they operate. Such a backwards way of working."

Former Employee - Coordinator says

"I worked at Rituals full-time Cons: RUN. A small office filled with constant silence and a tense atmosphere because everyone is afraid they’ll lose their job if they stop working. Upper management is so stuck on an old school way of working that it drives away real talent. This also means company culture is not a priority in this office. Two friends asked for job referrals and changed their minds once they learned about the working conditions. I asked them for a proper exit interview hoping that my feedback will call for change and they refused....."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rituals full-time for less than a year Cons: US corporate is a disaster. They are unrealistic. Treat employees like trash. They force your to work like a dog. Then they threaten you thinking that will product some magic result. Employees work so hard for no recognition. Then they cycle through their store employees like they are temporary when they aren’t. They never own up to their mistakes and constantly point blame on the hard working retail employees. It’s sad."

Sarah Morris says

"Having sat and read through the other woeful experiences other customers have had with online purchases and the distinct lack of service when you want to actually return any item for a refund I will be writing an email to the founder Raymond Cloosleman & Penny Grivea MD UK & Ireland. Love the products but they fall way short of providing any customer service - dont they read reviews?"

TI says

"I have always loved ritual products (specially their diffusers); however, I have been very disappointed with their online service. Order was placed to pick up in store, received email of confirmation and money deducted from account, days went by and no emails/communication as to whether order was ready collect. Ended up having to chase them through emails and messages (not fun) to locate where my product was or whether it was ready to pick up. Several messages and days later, was informed that the store to pick up the product from has now been closed and I will be refunded. My biggest grievance is had I not chased after them I would have received zilch info from Rituals. I must say compared to other retailers that have had to shift online, Rituals is doing a very poor job. This is the second time I have had to chase an order I placed online. Lets see how long the refund will take..."

Anon says

"They treat staff like dirt! Management staff treat sales assistants/key holders in such an appalling manner that staff drop like flies, including me. They degrade you and make you look as if you can't do your job in front of customers and pass embarrassing comments that make everyone feel uncomfortable. I have never worked in a job that has caused me so much sadness before. It has lead me to breaking down into tears and ringing in sick because the thought of even going in gives you the worst anxiety. Shambles of a company in my opinion. The only benefits of working for the company is the pay and the occasional freebies, otherwise I wouldn't put yourself through the grief and trauma. Fake email used so the company doesn't know who I am..."

Lorraine Pamukcu says

"Really disappointed with this service. Ordered on January 9th and no sign of order. After numerous emails I find out that the order is "stuck" in their system. I asked for it to be reshipped and that was agreed only to receive an email now saying they can't resend it and have issued a refund which can take up to 14 days to show in my account and I have to re order again..... really bad customer service. Wont be ordering again."

Jennie Chen says

"Return label form not working, and customer service is no longer responding. I've been trying to return my package for more than two weeks now, still no response from customer service who 2 weeks back said they'd get back to me asap. All of this after items came a month after I'd ordered them, one of which was broken."

Laura says

"Very disappointed in their customer service! I ordered on January 1st. They were very efficient in taking the money from my account but no sign of the product still. I emailed them and they informed me my product is stuck in a warehouse in Europe somewhere. I emailed again on Friday and they just sent an email saying my query will be answered in due course. Still waiting! Disgraceful customer service 😡"

sora says

"placed an order on Jan 1 and instead of having it delivered to me I was informed I had to collect it from store (during tier 4 lockdown in London when all the stores are closed?). They've taken my money, I never got the product, have contacted customer service and by filling in online forms as well and trying to get a refund from them has been an absolute pain as they keep telling me I will get it once the product has been returned. How will it be returned when the stores are still shut. They have good products but some of they're policies are just atrocious"

Linda Kinniburgh says

"I have a similar tale to tell about the very poor customer service before Christmas. Yodel said they had delivered a package when they hadn't. It took 3 calls to customer services to get Rituals to send a replacement order. I had been promised action on the previous 2 calls but they failed to deliver. I will not use the online service again and will buy from other suppliers."

Nina Čupić says

"I made my order on December,16th. On December 18th, after contacting the customer service via Facebook, I was told the package should be shipped the very same day. On January the 5th there is still NO news on my order (no tracking number or any info on the delivery). After contacting the customer support via Facebook again I was finally told there had been some technical difficulties and I was offered a refund and asked to place the order again. I do not want a refund, I want the product I ordered as soon as possible! Such a frustrating experience."

Neja Dover says

"The package came late and to top it it was very poorly packed. The products were only put in a plastic bag, no box, no bubble wrap, even though there was glass inside. Consequently, on e of the tubs got damaged and half of the content ran out even before opening it. Very disappointed..."

Good Samaritan says

"One item was not delivered. Customer service is not responding"

Cmkirk says

"First discovered the brand in an airport in Amsterdam. I love their products but was shocked by the poor customer service. I ordered 4 travel bottles of perfume as gifts for family members before Christmas. I received my order and to my surprise there were only 2 of the 4 items in the box. I called to have them ship the items that were missing which they agreed to do, but when I got the package this time, it was still missing an item! I figured it was on backorder so I gave them time to ship the other item. I waited 2 weeks and still hadn't received the other item despite it being back in stock online. At this point, I contacted customer service and they claimed they shipped my package in full but would make a one time "exception" to send the last item as if I was the one who made the mistake! The audacity! How is this an exception when YOU MADE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE?! Another retailer carries the brand now, so I will try and purchase from there going forward."

Jenny says

"Good products but let down by the insanely preppy and patronising customer service. I contacted them as I signed up to the membership but didn't receive the free gift. Apparently I'd missed the caveat where I had to spend £40 my bad however, I'd placed several orders within hours easily spending well over £40 I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt. Rules are rules I suppose but the stupidly, patronising email I received in response to my query has not made a loyal customer out of me. I don't suppose Rituals will be weeping into their bottom line..except I've spent upwards of £400 on this stuff recently."